Blind Engineer Develops A ‘Smart Cane’ That Uses Google Maps To Assist Blind People Navigate


today’s world, a lot of products are being re-invented through advanced
technology. With smart devices being used across different countries for
development, the power of technology doesn’t seem to amaze us anymore.

While many of the latest technological development is dedicated to entertainment, there are however many other that largely contributes to the well-being of people, most especially to those that are experiencing a disability.

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Just recently, an invented smart cane named
WeWalk got introduced to assist the blind navigate through their environment more
effectively when alone.

Invented by a visually impaired engineer, Kursat Ceylan – the CEO and Co-Founder of Young Guru Academy (YGA), the invented cane is as a result of Ceylan knowing what challenges people of his same condition goes through.

Being blind himself, he decided to put his
intelligence into developing something that could improve blind people’s life. The Turkish Non-Profit Organization Owner
told CNN: ‘In these days, we’re talking about flying jets and car, but blind
people have just been using plain sticks.

And as a blind man, when I stand at the Metro Station, I can’t tell which my exit is. Neither do I know which bus is approaching and what stores are around me. That’s, however, the kind of details we provided through the WeWalk.’

Nevertheless, the smart cane assists blind people using smart technology.

It is equipped with inbuilt speakers, a voice
assistant, sensors that send vibrations warning about an obstacle as well as

The Smart Cane can be purchased via the
company’s website and sold for only $500

Here’s However How People Reacted:


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