Australia’s Most Tattooed Doctor Vowing To Break Stereotype


Miss Inked Australia, Dr. Sarah Grey, is a 31-year-old intern at an Adelaide hospital. That’s also mean that she’s a clearly distinguishable female doctor who has a lot of tattoos on her body. Despite the stereotype, Dr. Grey doesn’t shun away from it – she’s taking the challenge head-on and aims to be an orthopaedic surgeon.

“I find it’s a good talking point, especially a lot of the younger generation of patients that we see, I guess its a bit of a barrier break-down between what it is traditionally thought a doctor would look like,” Dr. Grey speaking to Sunrise.

To her, showing her passion for both tattoo and medical field should not be a clash, “I’m just trying to advocate for being your own person and still being able to work in the medical profession.”

“If you’re confident and competent at your job it shouldn’t really matter what you look like.”

Dr. Grey is married to a tattoo artist owner, Matthew, and opened a parlor together. She also points out that she never let anything offensive carved on her body and always have artistic, colorful designs etched permanently on her body. While most people have black inks, Sarah definitely looks more colorful in comparison.

As a ‘the world’s most tattooed doctor’, she thinks that people should not be judging her based on how she looks. Especially when it’s still within the doctor’s code of conduct.

She added, “I’ve worked really hard to develop good professional relationships as I’m fairly memorable, so I’ve made sure I’m memorable for the right reasons through hard work, determination and an always positive attitude.”

She got her first tattoo when she was 16 and had the tattoos on her arm and legs done by her husband.

“For those that don’t like tattoos, that’s entirely their prerogative, I just urge them to at least consider the artistic skill that goes into creating body art.”


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