Artist Shows Little Annoying Girl Issues Through Her Hilarious Comics


It’s really hard to be a girl and be able to present you just right. You don’t want to look like you overdid your makeup, but you also don’t want to come out as a snob or sloppy. First impressions are important, keeping yourself in check can really change people’s image of you, but you don’t want to fake yourself.

And then there’s the stereotyping that we all can’t avoid in this life because that’s how the brain naturally cope with information. Illustrator Russian artist Anastasia Ivanova correctly draws how women really feel and live in the 21st century. Using her alter ego character, she draws hilarious daily annoying things a woman faces in life. And sometimes, she adds weird and fun solutions to them!

If you want to see more, just head over to her Instagram page!

1. The main thing is to stop in time

2. by doing a little stupidity you can destroy someone’s world

3. Pigeons will not let you become fat.🐦

4. Ok Google

5. Once he took revenge😼

6. Should I do more…? YES.

7. You’re so hairy, but I still love you!

8. Hun, it’s an achievement!

9. I came here first.

10. Anything for you, catto.

11. How I act normally around the Internet Boyfriend.

12. They just have to-

13. Meanwhile it’s always the same opposite when trying to sleep.

14. Let. Me. Through.

15. “You’re prettier on the floor, Karen.”

16. What weekend?

17. Manspreading.

18. How to make your guy look at you:

19. I’m legally an addict.

20. You’re not a cat owner before tasting those hair yourself.

21. Uh, huh…?

22. I sit, walk and knock whenever I want.

23. Man: What did I get myself into?

24. Thor and Loki: The Decimation of Roaches

25. A puffer-mermaid.

26. Oh, look, I wanna sit on both!

27. Before and after breaking your diet.

28. You can’t catch me!

29. Fruit jokes.

30. Nose in her bag.

31. Dead asleep. Literally.

32. How screwed up your childhood must have been.

33. Winter and 3 other seasons.

34. Tattoo.

35. Never satisfied.

36. Coffee > Kiss

37. Artist problem: this never looks right!

38. Sun tanning in different bikinis.

39. An actual footage when I spend on cat’s toys for the 97th time.

40. If chicken had human rights.


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