Apple Approves the Scissor Keyboard for MacBook Pro 2020


The tech giant, Apple has revealed its decision to dump its famous but problematic butterfly keyboard in its upcoming Macbook Pro 2020. This follows a series of unfortunate events that have been associated with the butterfly keyboards. The butterfly keyboards by Apple are a set of beautiful sleek designed keyboards that are meant to amaze and amuse user and lovers of the apple Macbook series.

However, the beautiful butterfly keyboard has overtime been bedeviled by a series of problems that have generated a lot of negative reviews from the users of the device. This has impacted negatively on the company and its global reputation in terms of tech sophistication, designs and functionality.

Recall that the Apple Mac Book Pro 2019 received a lot of negative reports, reviews and feedback from a customer to the point that some users regard the sleek designed keyboard as the worst design and functions ever produced by the tech giant.

To this end, Apple was forced to open up a repair center for the butterfly keyboard free of all charges. Users and customers who got the Mac Book Pro 2019 with a problematic butterfly keyboard were free to get their key problems fixed for free.

This keyboard problem has also been recorded with previous versions of the Mac Book series. This is because the tech giant used the same key switches that were used for the previous problematic versions. Many people had rightly predicted that the Apple Mac Book Pro 2019 was going down the same lane as its predecessors in terms of keyboard problems.

The tech giant, however, went down the same lane by using the same set of key switches that they have previously used in the production of the butterfly keyboard for the Mac Book Pro 2019.

Some school of thought has actually opined that the promptness by Apple in opening a free of charge repair center for the 2019 Mac Book Pro butterfly keyboard was an attempt to prevent the occurrence of a lawsuit by any of the frustrated user of the butterfly keyboard.

While preparations are underway for the release of the next version of the Mac Book series, the Mac Book Pro 2020, the tech giant have realized the errors in their production and have finally decided to dump the use of the sleek designed butterfly keyboard by replacing it with a more trusted, functional and durable technology tagged the Scissor keyboard.

This means that the Mac Book Pro 2020 edition is going to be embedded with the Scissor keyboard instead of the usual problematic butterfly keyboard. So if you have plans on getting a Mac Book Pro 2019, its best you hold on a little for the release of the 2020 version of the Mac Book Pro which comes with a more reliable and functional keyboard.


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