Ankle Scarves Are The New Cold Weather Accessory For This Winter


People have finally fought against the norm of having to wear socks to cover your ankles on shoes. We all know there is something sexy and beautiful about being raw and just showing that small part in between. On the other hand, some people probably just can’t stand that small gap of flesh that could have been well-covered by socks.

Well, don’t worry! You are getting your wishes fulfilled this winter because there seems to be a new trend to keep out the cold of your feet. Green Lemon has found several of these early adopters floating on the Internet.

Ankle scarves.

And now, we know a lot of us are asking the same questions:

But even if it’s a fashion statement with tripping hazard, people continue to rock in them.


Arguably, not all of them are and some even look sexy. Looks like we can rock them even in summer!



Depending on the design and material, you might want to use silk scarves for most of the time. Silk scarves don’t usually pose a tripping hazard and are pretty lightweight that you won’t feel a thing while walking. Those wool scarves might pose a danger as they always have dangling parts that you can trip over.

What do you think about this ankle scarf? Will you rock them with these big toe shoes? On the other hand, if you want to remain low-profile but still gorgeous, you might want to check out why Millie Bobby Brown’s new beauty line collection is your best choice.


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