Amazing Recovery Of Dog Which Was Found Buried Alive On Hawaii Beach


A dog with the name Leialoha was found buried alive with a knife cut, sunburn, and serious anemia. The dog which was found buried beneath the beach sand of Hawaii had already lost about 90 percent of her fur and was reported by rescuers that she bled from almost every part of her body when she was being cleaned.

According to the rescue team, the dog has been making a recovery way faster than their expectations. They further noted that they have never seen a dog that recovered that fast with such degree of injuries. Several images of Leialoha’s recuperation has been trending on social media.

The dog whose name is interpreted as ‘loving
child’ has been shown a lot of love and has since started re-growing its
beautiful white fur and tan spots back. The rescuers revealed that the
dog which was found swollen, sunburned and wounded on O’ahu beach in Hawaii
has made the most incredible recovery they have ever witnessed.

After much care and love, Leialoha looks all happy and cute in a recently posted photo. All thanks to the remarkable support and care by the Aloha Affordable Veterinary Service, Amanda her foster mother as well as the generous donations from well-wishers within the community.

Here’s Leialoha’s recent look after her deadly ordeal of being buried with sound and sunburn

Paws of Hawaii found Leialoha buried on O’ahu beach with wounds and 90 percent of her fur gone

Leialoha has made an amazing recovery and she
now looks pretty cute

The rescuers have posted pictures of Leialoha which shows that her beautiful white fur are fast-growing back

Leialoha was found badly swollen with sunburns
and about 90 percent of her fur completely off

Leialoha has been given a new temporal home with her foster mother Amanda for two months. Amanda revealed that the dog is now socializing instead of hiding in her cage.

Lovely Leialoha covered with sand immediately
after her rescue by the PAWS of Hawaii team


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