Actor Did 20 Celebs Voice Impressions While Deepfake Alters His Face And The Video Is Amazing


advent of technology
has helped mimics, actors, impressionists and even impersonators with their
craft and ideas in a way that has never been imagined.

A good example of this is none other than the well-known actor, Jim Meskimen, who recently got viral for interesting yet slightly disturbing footage.

As seen in the video, the actor recited the poem ‘Pity the Poor Impressionist’ using the voices of 20 celebrities. Meskimen also enhanced his idea with the assistance of SHAM00K.

the newbies, the 60-year-old actor had featured in Parks and Recreation as
Martin Housely, and starred in the TV show titled ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’
Accordingly, Meskimen has voiced characters in Johnny Bravo and in Avatar:
The Last Airbender.

scroll down to see the weird living in
the 21st century.

I just wonder what the 22nd century has in stock, Hmmm! More Info: | IMDb | YouTube (SHAM00K) | Twitter (SHAM00K)  | YouTube (Jim Meskimen) | Twitter (Jim Meskimen)

Jim Meskimen – Impressionist

John Malkovich

Colin Firth

Robert Deniro

Tommy Lee Jones

Nick Offerman

George Clooney

Christopher Walken

Anthony Hopkins

Dr. Phil

Nicholas Cage

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Morgan Freeman

Bryan Cranston

Christoph Waltz

Joe Pesci

Jack Nicholson

George W. Bush

Sir Ian McKellen

Ron Howard

Robin Williams

Watch the video here:


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