A Stranger Paid $375 For A Woman’s Groceries And She Didn’t Know It Was Ludacris


Sometimes, it takes a cashier mistake and shopping at Whole Foods to find a good man. Sometimes, it takes only $375 to share the kindness that affects the world in a way you can never imagine. And sometimes, it takes a little long of a Twitter thread to share the good news, a beautiful story that doesn’t have to involve heroes in the cape and magical powers.

Such was what writer July Therra Jaramillo experienced when she was shopping for pet food at Whole Foods. She was buying food for her 6 rescues and a blind chicken and the cashier has mistakenly mixed up her stuff with the customer in front of her. As she apologizes and tries to take her stuff back, she experienced a life-changing experience.

She didn’t know it was Ludacris’ in front of her, a celebrity, and that he insisted on helping her with her groceries.

Writer and pet rescuer Therra shared her story of how Ludacris and his $375 has saved him and her six rescues.

And here’s the story of the good, fine young man who helped a woman in need.


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