A Breathing Trick Shared On Tumblr That Help People Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds, And Many Say It Works


Fair to say the Internet is the source of everything good and bad depending on how you use them. The deep web is full of criminals, drug dealers, etc, but use it right and you might happen upon a beneficial content like this wildly shared content on Tumblr.

As one of the most prominent platforms where people share their creativity from stories, poetry to songs and drawings, Tumblr is where you can find everything.

Going back to the main story, yes, there’s this really popular breathing exercise that has been tried by many. The lifehack, or more correctly, sleep hack, comes from Dr. Andrew Weil who shows a breathing technique called ‘4-7-8’. Green Lemon is going to show them easy steps in gifs.

And it will help you gain better sleep in 60 seconds.

Image credits: Melissa Peterson (illustration)

Use your tongue’s tip to press against your mouth’s ceiling right behind the front teeth.

Now, exhale and empty your lungs.

Slowly, breathe in again for four seconds.

Hold for 7 seconds.

And then exhale out as you make a sound.

You don’t need to get a stopwatch to do this correctly. The ‘4-7-8’ is simply a ratio, so you can make your counts on your own pace.

And here’s the full video.

Tumblr users are testing this out to see if it works.

Well, it seems that many people find a simple routine helping them to calm down and get sleep faster. It won’t hurt for you to try it out yourself! In addition to this, if you are a lover of simple exercises that help you gain a healthier body, you might want to try plank exercise.


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