33 Behind-The-Scenes Photographers Reveal From Their Masterpieces


Photographers do a lot of weird things in order to get that perfect shot. They love to play with perspectives and depending on their genre, can depend a lot or very little with editing. Imaginative photographers love to play a lot with editing images, while some others enjoy using unique perspectives to capture their subject… which can end up with photographers standing or even crawling for it.

But nevertheless, it’s really impressive how even a seemingly normal view appears to be so stunning in the hands of professionals. Here are behind-the-scenes of how photographers work.

Simply amazing!

My dream place reflected.


Saw a butterfly flew off his eyes.


What if this is all just a virtual game?


You held the world in the palm of your hand.


Should I dive deep to find you?


Photographers have to work with just the right lighting, too.


A shower shot.


Miniature photography.

Felix Hernandez

Can you see the rainbow M&M’s?

Northwest Dad

Pit Bull flower power photoshoot.

My room, underwater.

Phoebe Rudomino

Life threatening photoshoot session with lava.

Kawika Singson

An underwater photoshoot on a sunken shipwreck 25m below sea level.

Benjamin Von Wong

The fierce dog hunting underwater!

Seth Casteel

Awkward much?

A close-up of a fox.

Dan Dinu

How it really looks like.

Murad Osmann

Using miniature car models for a historical shoot.

Michael Paul Smith

It was raining. Sort of.

A rock climbing picture.

Corey Rich

A room in space.

The Photo Fiend

Food photography.

Sam Kaplan

That one determined wedding photographer.

Chris Chambers

Catching a girl.

Luke Sharrat

A bundle of joy.

Kelley Ryden

Dedicated wedding photographer.

Chris Chambers

A classy perfume shot.


After the rain.


Underwater picture.

Phoebe Rudomino

A perfect snowflake.

Alexey Kljatov

Handmade, white auroras.

Roman Noven

A lake of mirror.

Erik Johansson


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