30 Wholesome Moments People Do Simple Things That Help Others


It’s actually easier than we all things to make a difference in this world. You don’t always have to rely on huge donations and making world-changing inventions to do so. What really matters is the heart that care and the hand that extends help, no matter how trivial it may seem.

Green Lemon stumbles on people who have shown kindness to others and how these people share their touching experiences. From bear cubs who just can’t part from their rescuers to people being completely understanding, we hope your day gets better with these wholesome posts!

1. Built my good old boy a ramp to help him get around as he fights the good fight against heart disease.

2. Firefighters climbing 110 stories in full gear in remembrance of the first responders who died on 9/11.

Cup-of-Noodle on Reddit

3. My brother passed 6 months ago and I still texted him frequently. Today, I got a response.

ruthless0903 on Reddit

4. It’s not always about the money.

Mono_420 on Reddit

5. Wholesome neighbor.

Yet_Another_Banana on Reddit

6. Small things to make someone’s day.

VerySlump on Reddit

7. They found each other.

8. I moved out of my toxic household a few days ago. I am a senior in High School and I moved in with my friend. My math teacher today gave me this envelope containing this. A ShopRite gift card, “for any food, anything you need”

drizzjaay on Reddit

9. The bro that didn’t roast.

afterburns_engaged on Reddit

10. The moment a passerby saved Felix the cat after she fell into the Thames.

11. Sign at my local laundromat.

qu1etmast3rmind on Reddit

12. Turned a joke sign into a great cause.

hiimcoleman on Reddit

13. Son is a bro.

14. Hong Kong taxi driver’s kind gesture to foreign correspondent reporting on the protests.

honsworth on Reddit

15. A 15-year-old caring for a couple of strangers living across the street.

KinkiPinki on Reddit

16. Good Samaritan exists.

17. Cashier pays the groceries for an elderly man who didn’t realize anything.

mattydavidson7 on Reddit

18. Random bro in his truck tossed one of these into my car through my passenger window, then gave me a thumbs up. Thanks, bro. I needed that today.

chaeanything on Reddit

19. A murder is also what you call a flock of crows as.

mftnhsdiq on Reddit

20. College Student stays 32 hours to be the only employee at a hotel with 90 guests trapped by floods!! He became, clerk, maintenance, cook, and house keeping!

21. Helping fellow tinnitus sufferer lives a bit easier.

AlexIsTheHuman on Reddit

22. Imagine being this pure and innocent.

Vanillla-country on Reddit

23. People showing up for a veteran’s funeral who had no immediate family.

AmazingCarpet on Reddit

24. “I found this $50 on your front lawn.”

DrinkingCoconut on Reddit

25. Amazing athlete Suncar Dabo helps another athlete finish the race!

sezar4321 on gyfcat

26. I have a friend that needs a ride home from school and I help her out by dropping her off on my way home. Today, her mother gave me some gas money and a home-cooked dish for my family!

horsedude500 on Reddit

27. Bear cub doesn’t wanna leave his rescuer after a forest fire.


28. People sending ladders to help bear cubs out.

thelittlecrazy on Reddit

29. Terry, you’re a great guy.

mayaxs on Reddit

30. Boy Learns to play pool.


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