22 Times Designers Showed Us How To Respect Nature


As for creature who only have one planet to live on, it’s a common-sense that humans should always try hard to advance without destroying and hurting nature. Yet, there are always people who can’t give single care for their surroundings and nature.

These designers, architectures and creative people aren’t just geniuses – they use their gifts to make sure the earth won’t die out as soon. Eco-friendly designs aren’t always complicated and are often more satisfying than not most of the times!

Crawling red crabs might not be your kind of beautiful nature, but still, they deserve the rights to pass bridges and highways without getting run over just to start a family! Green Lemon has compiled 22 such amazingly careful and environmental-friendly designs you will definitely love.

1. Christmas Island is Australia witnesses the breeding of red crabs every year. More than 30 underpasses and bridges are constructed to let them cross safely.


2. Simple bottle holders on garbage cans so bottle collectors don’t have to go through the trash can.

© Drop-a-Titan-on-it / reddit

3. A functional knife that is part of a fork.


4. Singapore has a green pass for animals to cross safely.

© cheekyasian / reddit

5. This restaurant that is built and merged with the tree.

© Figueira Rubaiyat / Tripadvisor

6. Tunnels under railroad tracks in Japan allow turtles to travel without being injured and minimize train delays.

© Unknown / imgur

7. ‘Planet or Plastic?’ National Geographic magazines are wrapped in paper instead of plastic.

© Benjurphy / reddit

8. This fire hydrant that also works as a drinking fountain for dogs.

© TrumpetLife69 / reddit

9. Why has nobody thought of this? Build fence over roots instead of cutting them.

© UncleCarbuncle / reddit

10. This water fountain encourages bringing your own water bottle why showing a reading of the number of plastic bottles saved.

© lolersaurus / reddit

11. Another green pass called ‘ecoducts’ in the Netherlands.

© tim641 / reddit

12. Instead of cutting the tree, there is an iconic roundabout in this rural area.

© ethan_kahn / reddit

13. This playground that lets kids play in nature.

© WasIsMitDenKohlen / reddit

14. A squirrel bridge in Longview, Washington!

© wikipedia.org

15. Another squirrel bridge on the highway of Victoria, Australia has a camera installed and it captures pedestrians!

© National Geographic

16. This eco-friendly beer company manufacture cans with easy to separate label.

© Unknown / reddit

17. This brick wall with a hole for the tree.

© Unknown / imgur

18. Plants are placed under the taps to reduce water waste.

© halfandhafu / reddit

19. This walkway built without damaging nature.

© ondiseno.com

20. They decided to cut only the necessary parts instead of removing the tree.

© mrmodojosr / reddit

21. Moleskin prints ruler on the back of their packaging so they can be used for more.

© adarunti / reddit

22. This tree is 90-year-old and has been growing inside the restaurant. It’s not the heritage of a town.

© Kit Kat / TripAdvisor


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