22 Hilarious Yet Sarcastic Dog Comics Make People Laugh Out Loud


Dogs are really the best when it comes to having a true companion that stays by your side at all times. Unlike cats (despite being the cutest, totally not biased), they wag their tails when their owner comes home, obey commands and can even be trained to become therapy or military dogs. They can be tough and soft at the same time.

Well, not this dog. All this time, we thought dogs are nice and all, but when you let them speak, maybe they’ll be able to show what they truly feel about you. Or maybe, this is just a cat in the dog’s skin. We never know.

The Square Comics is drawn by Alvin Juano, an Indonesian illustrator who loves to poke us at the most sensitive parts. He’s best in self-deprecating humor and sarcasm remarks that accurately ring the truth. And some of the comics are not in squares.

1. Train

2. Face

3. Miracle

4. Cheer up

5. Dayversary

6. Bright side

7. Feels nice

8. That’s okay

9. Optimism

10. Cute

11. Progress

12. Dog life

13. Name

14. Show

15. Satisfied

16. Longer

17. Insecurities

18. Advice

19. Stalker

20. Wisdom

21. Big Picture

22. Nice


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