22 Fabulous Home Decor That Will Make You Want To Stay Indoor Forever


Humans are granted with the ability to be creative and use their brains to think outside the box. Thanks to that and the Internet, these super smart designs of furniture, interior and home structure have truly blessed our homes. You can turn your small apartments to have all the compartments you need or have a bedroom that can really be called a safe haven.

We’ve had people designing inflatable shower curtains that save water, simple and cheap kitchen gadgets that make cooking less scarier, and even a bisexual chair!

These are 22 designs we all need so badly in life. If you’re looking for ideas to redecorate your home, these ideas might serve well to inspire you or your designer!

1. The bed that has everything you will ever need in life.

© sgshop.com

2. Car Dok, the intelligent parking system that stores your car underground to protect it and save space.

© cardok.com

3. This gorgeous wooden table with a river design made of glass.

© gregklassen.com

4. Bizarre but comfortable udon-shaped bed that guarantees a good night rest.

© goku-nokimochi.com

5. These curtains with cutout of New York skyline lits up when the sun shines.

© holeroll.com

6. Enjoy your cold drinks on your storage with this integrated cooler-table.

© Amazon

7. The bed that stores everything.

© Amazon
© Amazon

8. Turn your floor into a forest with this wool rug.

© Instagram

© Instagram

9. The wall that serves as your safe haven.

© h2oarchitectes.com

10. A chandelier that lights a forest.

© piodiaz.wordpress.com

11. This coffee table which has both a refrigerator and a normal drawer. It also has a USB charging port.

© Amazon

12. This kaleidoscopic door that shines a thousand colors with the help of the sun.

© studio.arminblasbichler.com

13. This neatly stacked rocks that turn your wall into an art itself.

© LouieCypher / reddit

14. A home office that is made so secure around rustic surrounding.

© officepod.co.uk

15. A beautiful way to store and age precious bottles wine.

© spiralcellars.co.uk
© spiralcellars.co.uk

16. How to create a functional shelves of books.

© levitate.uk.com

17. Beautiful terrarium lamps that are truly breathtaking.

© rclarkson.com
© rclarkson.com

18. This bookshelf and chair that are truly designed for each other.

© alias.design

19. Install small fiber optics with soft light to create starry night that will make your bathroom less scary.

© instructables.com   © instructables.com

20. A smart mirror that tells the weather, time, date and latest news.

© medium.com

21. This pool-roof that will certainly keep everyone’s head up.

© wielaretsarchitects.com

22. A space-saving kiddy room that is enough for two.

© foter.com


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