20 Pics Perfectly Show How Cook From Hell Do Their Things


Not everyone is good at cooking, but some people are just terrible with them. Ever forgotten about cooking some caramel that you end up with a pan of burning lava? Or maybe you just forgot that not everything can go into the microwave? Well, Greenlemon has found some of the most painful pictures to look at when it comes to cooking and preparing food.

1. Asked husband to cup up the avocado.

© Unknown / imgur

2. Made banana bread for the first time, want more amazing recipes?

© Kun360 / imgur

3. Tried to cook a fancy meal for wife, started with chicken stock. Recipe said to pour it through a strainer.

© moby323 / reddit

4. It’s hard to screw up when baking a potato.

© mushroomwig / reddit

5. Someone couldn’t differentiate plastic from glass.

© ZimmeM03 / reddit

6. When you’re overpowered and tried to help beginners in a game.

© ItsQ / imgur

7. Tried to make pizza on a plastic cutting board.

© bveltzeeland / reddit

8. Cursed Jabbacado toast.

© PainfulAnon /reddit

9. You thought it’d be more convenient.

© amazon.com   © rmbrmeforcenturies / reddit

10. Kinda nailed it…

© ThEgg / imgur

11. When you can’t even cook rice properly.

© avrdal / tumblr

12. This selfie vs. group picture analogy.

© monsterman3000 / imgur

13. Why…

© Unknown / imgur

14. Forgot about the caramel and it’s now overcooked.

© Skiddle1138 / reddit

15. Stored cooked meat… with raw meat right on top of them.

© Ozavic / reddit

16. Men don’t cut their broccoli.

© Unknown / imgur

17. Me and cousin thought about making brownies at 1 am, and here’s the result. In a bowl.

© Da_Real_Mighty / reddit

18. Wife added sour cream, salt, and pepper on the tilapia. On the plastic wrapper of the tilapia, to be precisely.

© Real_sg4bomb / reddit

19. Boyfriend assigned himself dinner and one hour later, he prepared carrots with bread.

© cats_and_cake / reddit

20. Wife doesn’t like Babybel. No wonder.

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