18 Situations That Prove How Differently Celebs And Common People Are Treated Now


With the influx number of people requesting tests increase, the labs are having a lot on their plates. People have to queue to get their test results and some are even rejected for tests despite showing symptoms of the virus. But people are noticing that celebrities are getting priorities when it comes to getting tested and receiving their results soon.

Ten days, extremely sick, in isolation and no test kits.

Charles Barkley in self-quarantine, feeling great. “They didn’t want me to take any chances.”

Her daughter, 16, has had fever up to 40 degrees, but they refuse to test her.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson receives positive results on their test, conducted after they had the chills and slight fevers.


Atlanta’s Top Cop reveals more than half the officers sick with similar symptoms, but none have been tested.


‘Game of Thrones’ star Kristofer Hivju reveals he tested positive for the virus while looking good.


This man has been going down with high fever for 4 days after attending Snoop Dogg concert, but he can’t get tested.


Kris Jenner was in contact with someone who tested positive but her test shows she was negative.


This man has been admitted into the hospital but not yet tested for the covid-19 even thought the healthcare professionals think he should due to his symptoms.


Idris Elba reveals he has the virus after he got tested on March 13 and got the result back on 17. He didn’t have any symptom but have been in direct contact with someone who tested positive.

This man’s uncle’s roommate in France tested positive, but they wouldn’t test his uncle because he wasn’t showing any symptom.


All NBA’s Utah Jazz members got tested.


This person’s mother in NYC has been showing cold symptoms and is a nurse practitioner in her 70s.


Heidi Klum had been sick for a week and her husband was also feeling the same. The two have been tested are awaiting results.

Her temperature has been over 38 with sore chest and a little cough. She can’t get tested.


Celine Dion tested for the virus when she came down with a common cold.


A coworker was on the Grand Princess and two visits to Kaiser later, still can’t get tested for Covid-19 despite all the symptoms.


Ali Fedotowsky from ‘The Bachelorette’ reveals that she did not have any symptom, but healthcare professionals felt necessary to test her.


It seems pretty clear that, as usual, the treatment people are getting when they have a ‘celebrity’ label plastered on them differently. This has been getting on people’s nerves, especially those who find out their loved ones have been refused for a test despite showing symptoms.

But these celebrities also played a part in giving back to the community. A number of famous A-liners have donated hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to Food Banks or local organizations or companies that have been stranded due to deactivity.

The faces of celebrities who appear upbeat, calm and recovering are also necessary to ensure that the public does not panic. As much as we hate it, these are also the people who could most probably convince millions of stubborn individuals to wash hands and be encouraged to do social distancing.

More people are sharing horrifying experience in getting tested for the Covid-19.





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