17 Times Celebrities Got Savagely Insulted On ‘Between Two Ferns’


Being a celebrity often means that you have withstood the people who will want to know everything about you and infringe your privacy while doing that. There will also be insane people obsessed with you and insane people who hate you with all their fibers. Keanu Reeves, John Legend, Justin Bieber – they’ve all been there.

But caught in between are mildly normal fans and people who just think you’re not their cup of tea. That’s the nice spot where ‘Between Two Ferns’, a Netflix show Zach Galifianakis who’s white, straight and thinks he deserves it. Green Lemon has compiled all the best insults on these ‘celebrities’.

1. Brad Pitt getting shaded.

2. Michael Cera couldn’t reply.

3. Benedict Lumber- I mean Cumberbatch in-depth question on getting sold out.

4. He’s married, Zach. But you’re not wrong if we take a different perspective on this.

5. He almost completely burned Bruce Willis, but he avoided it.

6. He thinks Jerry Seinfeld should have thought of a different title.

7. Hailee Steinfeld wanted to be in the good one, we all know that.

8. How Zach lists his favorite hosts and then there’s Conan O’Brien.

9. Purely a joke about Jon Hamm’s name.

10. It continued on to Chance the Rapper.

11. Zach really just aims for a normal interview most of the time, even when Steve Carell’s nose was so interesting.

12. Yep, the very Jo(h)n Legend himself.

13. He delivered a killer blow to James Franco.

14. It was the beginning of the disaster when one notices the shirt on Matthew McConaughey.

15. No more name jokes with Jon Hamm. Very serious question here:

16. Him trying to own Keanu Reeves. Of course, he failed.

17. The ex-President himself decided to not let anyone but himself to burn… himself.


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